Friedrich Ebert Stiftung


The Concept

With its new format, the Annual Conference at the Tiergarten, the FES aims to address and highlight new trends in international affairs. Drawing on its extensive global network of offices in around 100 countries, the FES seeks to facilitate  dialogue between decision-makers, decision-shapers and decision-takers from around the world on some of the key topics of our times. Informing and inspiring partners from around the world, while at the same time contributing to a more globally informed debate in Germany are the main aims behind this endeavour.

While FES’s international activities usually proceed without too much publicity, the Tiergarten conference is meant to combine an in-depth expert conference with a wider outreach to the public. To this end, a live debate between Members of Parliament, experts and civil society will bring the crucial questions of global governance and international politics to the attention of a broader German audience at the end of the conference.

The Tiergarten – A Venue for International Affairs and Home of FES International

With the relocation of government from Bonn to Berlin, Berlin’s Tiergarten district has again become home to the diplomatic community. Reminiscent of Germany’s past and promising in terms of a European and multilateral future this place at the heart of Berlin is an especially suitable backdrop for candid debates. It also recently became the new home of FES’s International Headquarters.