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Taking Responsibility – But How?

International Security Policy Between the Responsibility to Protect and Non-Interference

The question of the right way for the international community to deal with crises and conflicts is still under discussion. While the withdrawal from Afghanistan goes ahead, the crisis in Ukraine, the civil war in Syria and the unstable situation in many African states still ask for engagement by the international community. The competing views – intervene or keep out of it? –between the West and countries such as Russia and China have more than once thwarted concerted action within the framework of the United Nations.

But also among the western countries the debate is open. The arguments put forward by the advocates of intervention range from the universality of human rights and the responsibility to protect, through the defence of international law. Still, military intervention »out of area« remains deeply controversial and divisive. In August 2013, the British Parliament refused a British participation in military action against Syria. The majority of Germans – as opinion polls confirm time and again – reject military intervention abroad. The draining and inconclusive ISAF mission in Afghanistan, which is now coming to an end, will continue to be the object of numerous controversies over the sense and utility of military interventions for a long time to come.

This year’s Tiergarten Conference is going to focus on the issue of intervention strategies. How can we best assure security, freedom, stability and peace not only in the Western world, but also in other parts of the world? What can we learn from the experiences of the past 20 years – and what are the consequences for international security policies? Do conventional »boots on the ground« strategies still make sense? What consequences can we expect from technological change in the future? Will drones and the like give us the option of so-called »clean warfare«? And what does all this mean for a European security architecture, which, in the light of the Ukraine crisis, looks ever more necessary?

These questions will be addressed by German and international politicians and experts during this year’s Tiergarten Conference on 11 September 2014. The FES Tiergarten Conference provides an annual platform where politicians, academics and experts from all over the world come together in order to debate key issues in international affairs, contributing such to a better informed national and international debate on the major global challenges of our times.


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Photo: Joachim Liebe
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from the public panel discussion on International Security Policy (in German)


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